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UNLV Magazine - Spring 2016

UNLV Magazine

Spring 2016 - Volume 24, Issue 1
FDH viewed from Maryland Parkway

UNLV construction projects have kicked into high gear but we aren't walking this street alone. Here's how public-private partnerships are remaking Maryland Parkway.


Major construction projects are bringing new amenities and more breathing room to campus. Here's the rundown.

Len Jessup speaks with microphone

UNLV President Len Jessup on community partnerships.

Zach Miles

Zach Miles has supercharged UNLV's economic development programs. Here are his thoughts on hiring talent, measuring success, and taking advice.

Dr. Tony Alamo

Dr. Tony Alamo’s wildly varied career started with a simple realization: He’d misdiagnosed UNLV.

Alex Andres at Lego Land

Alumnus Alex Andres combines lifelong love of Lego with training in theater design to land his dream job.

Marquin Parks

When Marquin Parks challenged his class to read more, he found his own voice as a writer. Now the College of Education alumnus has two book series under his belt.

sample license plate

The Alumni Association is driving spirit and fundraising through UNLV license plates. Here's how the association led the way with the state's first specialty license plate.

An artist’s rendering of UNLV’s entry in the 2017 Solar Decathalon.

Students to build sustainable, “age-in-place” home with consumer appeal for U.S. Department of Energy contest; UNLV team finished second overall in 2013.

Mary Guinan, in traditional dress in an Afghan refugee camp

When her plans to become an astronaut did not pan out, Mary Guinan created an equally impressive legacy eradicating diseases and founding a school.

Mary-Ann Winkelmes

UNLV leads the country with program that proves even small changes to assignments can yield big results in classroom success — especially among first-generation students.

students roast marshmellows on campfire

Students send out North Field with party. Check out these photos.

Notebook with U.N.L.V. logo

Find out what your fellow alums have been doing.

Abajian, Dodge, Albrecht, Anderson, and Crawford

Spring 2016

The Cube

Professor Moses Karakouzian wanted to create a structure that captured the essence of the College of Engineering departments. Here’s how his Cube came to be.