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UNLV Magazine - Fall 2016

UNLV Magazine

Fall 2016 - Volume 24, Issue 2
Debate Illustration

UNLV is hosting the final presidential debate of 2016. Here’s how we landed the big event and what that says about the rise of our university and our city.

students talk in class

As the campus gears up to host the final presidential debate, UNLV professors are making direct connections between their course materials and this year's ground-breaking election season.

George W. Bush speaking to crowd

The UNLV campus has hosted a number of presidential visits over the years. Here are a few of the most notable moments.

Kennedy and Nixon debate

A primer on televised debates and the Commission on Presidential Debates.

Len Jessup at his annual State of the University address

UNLV President Len Jessup on how this university is different, daring, and diverse.

Basin and Range Posters

Bureau of Land Management turns student photography into poster for Nevada’s newest national monument.

Scott Abella

UNLV professor Scott Abella on why national parks matter more than ever to everyone from foodies to Civil War historians to the average Joe sitting in bumper-to-bumper traffic.

pills spilled out of a pill bottle

With overdose deaths at epidemic levels, the School of Medicine is ensuring its new doctors are well trained in pain management treatment.

David J. Morris

David J. Morris' 'Evil Hours,' a gripping personal account of PTSD and its treatments, is worthy of conversation for all of us.

Brett Levner

Film professor Brett Levner leaves behind reality TV to fight the very real issue of underage sex trafficking.

Marvin Menzies

Runnin' Rebel coach Marvin Menzies on the fast-break start to his UNLV career.

Rendering of the Fertitta Football Complex

Will we get a new stadium? What about that new football practice facility?

Diana Pena and Ai-Sun (Kelly) Tseng

A fascination with tissue restoration inspires a UNLV professor and undergraduate student to team up to understand how frogs might impact the fate of humankind.

David Damore

Political science professor David Damore is one of UNLV's go-to sources for context on the state’s hot-button issues.

Female students hugging inside of UNLV dorm.

UNLV students show off their rooms. (Photos by Josh Hawkins/UNLV Photo Services)

Vamsee Pamula

When Vamsee Pamula, ’92 MS Electrical Engineering, sees chances to apply his big brain to business opportunities, he takes the leap. His latest venture is a daring moneymaker — and a potential life saver.

Henry Schuck

UNLV grad capitalizes on the experiences he gained by working through college.

Vanessa Hauc

As climate change and hurricanes dominate the news, alumna and Telemundo journalist Vanessa Hauc is raising awareness on the impact in Latino communities.

Jordan Shiraki photographs a Lamborghini

How alumnus Jordan Shiraki's degree in biology fueled his career as a commercial photographer for Lamborghini and Dodge.

Girl sits while resting her hand on her chin

UNLV Libraries examines 60 years of student activism at UNLV.