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UNLV Magazine - Fall 2017

UNLV Magazine

Fall 2017 - Volume 25, Issue 2
postcard-style illustration of unlv's 60th anniversary
As UNLV celebrates its 60th anniversary, here are some of the moments that shaped the university.

decorated commencement cap

The emerging tradition of DIY decorated mortarboards offers professor insight into current day culture.

Image of Maude Frazier

UNLV President Len Jessup on the spirit our campus fosters.

Victims of the Route 91 attack load onto buses

From Police Services to workers at the Thomas & Mack, to students and counselors, UNLV was a front-line safe haven for victims and survivors.

woman with children

Addy Guida’s battle with cancer as a student-athlete inspired a new career path in medicine.

UNLV Dining Commons cashier Minnie Epps smiles.

Longtime employee Minnie Epps named to Aramark's prestigious 2017 Ring of Stars.

UNLV students evaluate wheelchair friendliness at Red Rock National Conservation Area

UNLV students help find the friendliest facilities for the travelers with mobility limitations in Las Vegas.

girl with robohand

UNLV College of Engineering teams up with a baseball-loving 7-year-old to raise awareness for a rare condition. Here's how you can be part of the team for other kids who need "Robohands."

campus trees

Among our campus' more than 4,300 trees are 10 specimens that stand above all others in Nevada.

man clearing away palm tree branches

Paul Dzerk came to UNLV three decades ago to transform the dusty campus into the arboretum it is today.

As athletics director takes stock of UNLV's programs, she lays down the roadmap to the future.

Dick Calvert

Dick Calvert has been behind the mic for most of school’s history.

Female soccer players

The women's soccer standout may forget her cleats when she goes on the road, but she wouldn't be caught without Netflix access to watch "Peaky Blinders."

man sitting between burned trees.

Economics researchers capitalize on the dynamics wildfire to prove infants’ proximity to smoke pollution while in utero affects birthweight.

Nursing professor Jay Tan

Nursing professor Jay Tan uses pharmacogenetics to unlock the medications and dosages that work for a patient's individual genetic makeup.

Solar panels in the Eldorado Valley

Researchers investigate the environmental footprint of solar facilities to guide future design.

student Alexis Hilts and assistant professor Matt Bernacki

Undergrad Alexis Hilts will present her honors thesis at the American Psychological Association's national conference.

senior Amber Turner and alumna Lisa Danielson

UNLV undergraduate and NASA intern Amber Turner shares her remarkable research journey, which may someday lead to human civilizations on other planets.

woman in front of chalkboard

Professor Lynn Comella on the adult store industry, a highly profitable segment of popular culture that scholars and policymakers know surprisingly little about.

As the new leader of alumni engagement amps up the power of 115,000 alumni, Chad Warren wants feedback from Rebels around the world.

family on porch step

From a campus proposal under UNLV's "kissing tree" to a medical crisis — how alumni Matthew and Laura Cutler have handled it all.

man sitting

UNLV alumnus Tony Canepa turns his illustration skills toward UNLV's history.

woman with inset image of magazine cover

UNLV alumna blings out a commemorative graduation cap for the cover of UNLV Magazine.

two men in hardhats and suits

New name reflects changes in the industry, but continues to honor namesake William F. Harrah.