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The College of Sciences provides students a solid foundation in natural, physical, and mathematical sciences for a successful career in the sciences and other professional programs.

Current Sciences News

Landscape of Academic Mall on a Summer morning.
Campus News | September 19, 2023

U.S. Forest Service grant will help UNLV and partners fight climate change, hot temperatures in nation’s fastest-warming region by planting trees and expanding access to green spaces.

group of young students performing science experiment
Campus News | September 5, 2023

Faculty are leading over 50 outreach projects to engage residents of all ages in math and science.

Students at Pida Plaza on the first day of classes (Josh Hawkins, UNLV).
Campus News | September 1, 2023

A roundup of prominent news stories highlighting university pride, research, and community collaboration.

close up of NASA logo etched on crystal
Research | August 29, 2023

UNLV faculty earned two grants this summer through NASA’s Minority University Research and Education Project to enhance STEM curriculum for students and advance promising research.  

UNLV professor Chandra Bhattacharya
Research | August 22, 2023

UNLV biochemist Chandra Bhattacharya is unlocking clues for treatment of cancer and other diseases; answer may lie in mRNA.

Graduation surprise
Campus News | August 1, 2023

News stories from the summer featuring UNLV students and faculty.

Sciences In The News

USA Today
September 27, 2023

Shouldn’t we be boarding airplanes back to front? That seems to be a common refrain across the internet and in airports as people struggle to make sense of airlines’ increasingly byzantine boarding processes.

Las Vegas Review Journal
September 20, 2023

UNLV is getting $5 million from the federal government as part of an effort to keep things a little bit cooler in one of the nation’s hottest cities.

Las Vegas Sun
September 20, 2023

UNLV plans to plant about 3,000 trees in Southern Nevada over the next five years with a $5 million grant from the U.S. Forest Service.

KLAS-TV: 8 News Now
September 20, 2023

The UNLV-led Las Vegas Urban Forest Center received a $5 million grant from the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture’s Forest Service to help counteract the growing impacts of extreme heat.

KSNV-TV: News 3
September 19, 2023

The funding is going toward the university's Las Vegas Urban Forest Center and its project, which is scheduled to start in January next year.

September 16, 2023

You are familiar with that friendly boarding announcement from the gate agent. Unfortunately, it means the next 45 minutes of your life will be messy. And airlines have made it chaotic by design — so people will pay to get an easier boarding process.

Sciences Experts

An expert on hibernation, pupfish, evolution, and cellular biology.
An expert in insect physiology and evolution.
An expert on mutagenesis, DNA repair, and bacterial genetics.
An expert on social media misinformation/disinformation, and combating online propaganda.  
An expert in Mars geochemistry, astrobiology, water-rock interactions, and snow dynamics.
Brian Hedlund in an expert in microbial ecology at high temperatures, biofuels and genomics. 

Recent Sciences Accomplishments

September 20, 2023
Published: VirB, a key transcriptional regulator of Shigella virulence, requires a CTP ligand for its regulatory activities Professor Helen J. Wing (Life Sciences) and a team of researchers published their findings in a top-ranked microbiology journal, mBIO, and received the honor of "editors pick" in the journal. The paper lists Taylor Gerson, a…
September 4, 2023
Farhad Shokoohi (Mathematical Sciences) had his paper titled "Sparse Estimation in Finite Mixture of Accelerated Failure Time and Mixture of Regression Models with R Package fmrs" accepted by "The New England Journal of Statistics in Data Science". The paper focuses on a novel Machine and Statistical learning method for high-dimensional data…
August 28, 2023
Katie Wade-Jaimes, Micah Stohlmann, Katrina Liu (Education), Monika Neda (Sciences), and Mei Yang (Engineering) received a grant of $1.2M from the National Science Foundation Robert Noyce Teacher Scholarship Program to prepare culturally competent science and math teachers. The team will prepare a new cadre of eight undergraduate STEM students per…
August 20, 2023
David King (Chemistry and Biochemistry) was awarded a $20,000 grant under the Nevada NASA Space Grant Consortium for the 2023-24 year to support his project in flame retardant polymer research under his advisor Pradip K. Bhowmik. The goal of his project is to continue investigation on polymeric fire retardants as a safer and environmentally…
August 1, 2023
Zhaohuan Zhu (Physics and Astronomy) with UNLV’s Nevada Center for Astrophysics is part of an international research team that recently published findings and images supporting the theory of gravitational instability in planet formation. Zhu, a co-author on an article published July 25 in The Astrophysical Journal Letters, had published…
June 13, 2023
Harry Jang (Chemistry) recently was published in ACS Omega for his work titled, "Synthesis and Morphological Control of UO2F2 Particulates."  Jang is a supported by the Consortium of Nuclear Security Technologies (CONNECT), a partnership with the University of Texas at San Antonio awarded by the Minority Serving Institutes Partnership Program in…