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The College of Liberal Arts offers students a well-rounded education in the humanities and social sciences, and provides students with a solid foundation for a lifetime of learning and discovery.

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UNLV cheerleaders during 2022 homecoming
Campus News | November 8, 2022

A collection of news stories highlighting UNLV students and faculty who made headlines locally, regionally, and internationally.

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Campus News | October 31, 2022

Federal funds will help UNLV PRACTICE create youth treatment programs for early bipolar disorders and psychosis.

man in group study room
People | October 20, 2022

Psychological and brain sciences grad student Aldo Barrita's fellowship helps expand research in Latino humanities.

students' hands typing on laptops
Research | October 19, 2022

UNLV-led research seeks ways to fold virtual class-inspired feature into post-pandemic return to in-person STEM instruction.

The sun breaks over a ranch house
Research | October 17, 2022

The Walking Box Ranch is a direct link to the world of 1930s Hollywood glamor and a vital resource for UNLV's students of historic preservation.

Students outdoors socializing, studying, reading, and interacting
People | October 17, 2022

Transfer students explain how they found ways to thrive at a new school.

Liberal Arts In The News

Higher Ed Dive
November 28, 2022

In fall 2020, the first full semester during the COVID-19 pandemic, many students struggled to adapt to the shift to online education, let alone engage meaningfully with subject matter.

November 28, 2022

This year, as human-caused climate change steadily warms the planet, depleting bodies of water, melting ice, and strengthening storms exposed a bevy of lost treasures and forgotten stories.

Las Vegas Review Journal
November 23, 2022

Despite efforts by Republicans to make inroads with Nevada’s Latino voters, early CNN exit polls show that outreach was largely unsuccessful.

November 23, 2022

Actor Chris Hemsworth announced that the results of a genetic test he took have revealed that he is at higher risk of developing Alzheimer’s disease because he has two copies of the APOE4 gene.

Las Vegas Review Journal
November 21, 2022

It didn’t take long for Nevada Democrats’ redistricting maneuvering to pay off. A year after the Democrat-controlled Legislature redrew the state’s political boundaries, Democrats defended all three of the competitive congressional districts in Southern Nevada while also expanding their majorities in both chambers, including regaining a supermajority in the state Assembly.

November 21, 2022

All of Nevada's Democratic congressional delegation, in a joint statement, called on the Democratic National Committee to put Nevada's Primary Election first on the calendar in coming years.

Liberal Arts Experts

A psychologist and expert on the inner experience. 
An expert in American history.
An expert on commercial aviation, airport history, and travel.
An expert in foreign policy and international security.
An expert in neurodevelopmental disorders, such as autism, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.
An anthropologist and expert on hunter-gatherer adaptations in American Southwest to arid environments, and the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture

Recent Liberal Arts Accomplishments

November 28, 2022
C.E. Abbate (Philosophy) published an article titled, "On the Ill-Being of Animals: From Factory Farm to Forever Home," in Midwest Studies in Philosophy.
November 28, 2022
Guillermo M. Jodra (World Languages and Cultures) has published a book titled: On Regular Life, Freedom, Modernity, and Augustinian Communitarianism (Bloomsbury, 2022).
November 28, 2022
Guillermo M. Jodra (World Languages and Cultures) has published a book titled On Hellenism, Judaism, Individualism, and Early Christian Theories of the Subject (Bloomsbury, 2022).    
November 28, 2022
Guillermo M. Jodra (World Languages and Cultures), presented a paper titled, "Sparta and the Athenian Mirage," on November 13 at the Pacific Ancient and Modern Language Association Conference in Los Angeles, CA.    
November 28, 2022
Carlos S. Dimas (History) presented a paper, "An Engineered Garden: Hydrological Infrastructure in Northwestern Argentina, 1890-1910s," at the Society for the History of Technology conference in New Orleans, LA. The paper explores the role of engineers in altering the northwestern Argentine landscape to deliver water for irrigation and…
November 28, 2022
Carlos S. Dimas (History) had an article published, "History of the Sciences in Argentina: From Paleontologists to Psychiatrists, 1850s to 1910s," in the edited collection Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Latin American History The article offers an overview of the sciences in turn-of-the-century Argentina and places the region in a global context.