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The psychology department provides a broad foundation in psychology, with further specialty courses and opportunities for undergraduates to be involved in research and various applied settings. The curriculum meets the needs of students intending to pursue advanced training in psychology, education, medicine, or related fields.

Current Psychology News

Campus News | February 18, 2020

A collection of news stories capturing the excitement and accomplishments of UNLV at the start of a new decade.

UNLV professor Matthew Lachniet works in his lab on campus.
People | December 27, 2019

A collection of stories highlighting UNLV faculty and students who made the news in 2019.

UNLV students in red caps/gowns hugging at commencement
Campus News | December 17, 2019

UNLV president Marta Meana will highlight four graduating students at commencement who embody the academic, research, and community impact of the Class of 2019.

football players look up at fireworks display
Campus News | December 2, 2019

A collection of local, national, and international news stories highlighting the people and programs of UNLV.

A woman in a flower print shirt stands in front of a row of computers
People | November 8, 2019

Honors College Alumna of the Year and faculty member Noelle Lefforge is a four-time alumna of the university.

A woman sits at a desk in a dark room
Campus News | November 7, 2019

MGM College Opportunity Program at UNLV offers a flexible and affordable way for the company's employees to complete their degrees.

Psychology In The News

February 18, 2020

If you ask, most people may tell you they think in words or that they talk to themselves. We’ve seen it portrayed in movies and on TV, like the popular show “You” currently on Netflix.

Houston Chronicle
February 7, 2020

Nearly 80 years after the first casino blinked to life along the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard now known as the Strip, the re-illumination of Las Vegas is nearly complete.

Texarkana Gazette
February 6, 2020

Nearly 80 years after the first casino blinked to life along the stretch of Las Vegas Boulevard now known as the Strip, the re-illumination of Las Vegas is nearly complete.

Call it the end of the neon era or the beginning of the LED epoch.

Tomo News
February 5, 2020

Do you hear your own thoughts? Then chances are you have what's called an 'internal monologue.' Normal, right? Actually, there are loads of people out there that have no inner voice.

February 3, 2020

Unfortunately there is still the internalized perception that football is a “manly” sport and that “real men” don’t talk about their feelings — that to ask for help amounts to admitting weakness — and thus mental health issues are often brushed aside.

KSNV-TV: News 3
January 29, 2020

On a quiet night at Sunset Park, Loniel hit a fadeaway jump shot in a game of two-on-two, with Kobe's on his feet, and Kobe on his mind.

Psychology Experts

A licensed clinical psychologist and noted expert on women's health and human sexuality. 
An expert in clinical psychology, psychopathy, emotions and personality traits.
An expert on child psychology, anxiety, and school absenteeism
An expert in child development. 
An expert in inclusion of and rights for students with disabilities.
An expert on child psychology, bipolar disorder, depression, and irritability.

Recent Psychology Accomplishments

February 7, 2020
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues recently published a paper, Moral Incongruence and Compulsive Sexual Behavior: Results from Cross-sectional Interactions and Parallel Growth Curve Analyses) in Journal of Abnormal Psychology. 
January 29, 2020
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues published a paper, Child Sexual Abuse and Compulsive Sexual Behavior: A Systematic Literature Review, in Current Addiction Reports. 
January 29, 2020
Andrew Thomas Reyes (Nursing), Christopher Kearney (Psychology), and Ross Bryant (Military and Veteran Services Center) published an article "Student Veterans’ Construction and Enactment of Resilience: A Constructivist Grounded Theory Study" and was considered as a top cited article for 2018-19 in the Journal of Psychiatric and Mental Health...
January 24, 2020
Barbara G. Brents (Sociology) along with two UNLV alumnae, Crystal A. Jackson, '03 BA Psychology, '07 MA Sociology, and '13 PhD Sociology, (now of the John Jay School of the City University of New York) and Aleta Baldwin, '06 BA Women's Studies, (now of University of Texas at San Antonio), and Paul Maginn (University of Western Australia) are the...
January 13, 2020
Shane Kraus and Repairer Etuk (both Psychology) recently published a paper, Current Pharmacotherapy for Gambling Disorder: a Systematic Review, in Expert Opinion on Pharmacotherapy. Etuk is a graduate student.
December 17, 2019
Shane Kraus (Psychology) and colleagues published a paper, "A Systematic Review of Gambling-related Findings from the National Epidemiologic Survey on Alcohol and Related Conditions," in the Journal of Behavioral Addictions.