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The English department offers a variety of courses in literature, language and writing. Our majors explore literature as an artistic medium from both theoretical and historical perspectives, in the process honing students' analytical and writing skills.

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A portait of Hugo Silva with his two dogs, Juno and Hudson.
People | November 13, 2023

The web communications specialist is here to turn your content from mid to Gucci. No cap.

Spooky season at UNLV (Becca Schwartz\UNLV).
Campus News | November 1, 2023

A chilling collection of news stories focused on research, expert insights, and academic achievement.

woman poses with arms crossed in front of flashlight sculpture
People | September 25, 2023

Safiyya Bintali will attend Educause’s annual conference and network with technology professionals to further her IT career goals.

silhouette of a person sitting on ground and reading
Arts and Culture | September 1, 2023

Jarret Keene takes his students along on the writing process for a new young adult novel.

Ph.D. engineering graduate George William Kajjumba is hooded during the Spring 2022 commencement ceremony
Campus News | December 28, 2022

Student achievements including competition wins, a science fellowship first, and new innovations splashed local and national news headlines in 2022.

A laser beam emitting a blue light is projected into a diamond anvil cell
Research | December 27, 2022

Groundbreaking discovery was the norm for Rebel researchers in 2022. Here's a selection of our favorite news-making UNLV research highlights from the year. 

English In The News

Publishers Weekly
October 27, 2023

Majoring in English as undergrads in the early 1990s, Gen Xers like me hid our passions from the professors.

October 11, 2023

Jarret Keene, an assistant professor of English at UNLV, recently published a novel called Hammer of the Dogs, set in a post-apocalyptic Las Vegas. It tells the story of Lash, a 21-year-old woman who is trying to save her peers and Las Vegas from forces that use technology in nefarious ways.

History Channel
October 4, 2023

Explore the origins behind witch costume features—the hat, the black dress, prominent nose and green skin.

Desert Companion
October 4, 2023

Food writer Kim Foster explores these associations and more, as part of UNLV’s University Forum Lecture series in collaboration with the Black Mountain Institute

City Cast Las Vegas
September 5, 2023

Author Jarret Keene, a UNLV English professor and book editor, has written poetry collections, a bio of The Killers — and now a futuristic adventure yarn titled “Hammer of the Dogs” (University of Nevada Press). He launches the novel next Tuesday, Sept. 12, with an event at The Writer’s Block.

Tallahassee Magazine
September 1, 2023

In Jarret Keene’s thriller, humanity outlasts power-trippers

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An expert in the literature of the United States.
An expert on the storytelling in video games.
An expert on the apocalypse, and American literature and culture.

Recent English Accomplishments

November 15, 2023
The Utah Tech University Humanities Center recently interviewed Jarret Keene (English) to discuss his new dystopian adventure novel Hammer of the Dogs, the genius of comics legend Jack Kirby, and the challenges of being a writer in the digital age. Listen to the podcast episode here. Hammer of the Dogs is available wherever books are sold.
November 14, 2023
Mark Lenker (Libraries) interviewed UNLV colleague and middle-school friend Jarret Keene (English) for EcoTheo Review. In "Taking a Hammer to Las Vegas," the two discussed the characters, themes, and Las Vegas environments of Keene's new dystopian novel Hammer of the Dogs, published by the University of Nevada Press and available everywhere books…
November 6, 2023
Last week, Publishers Weekly ran online (and in print) Jarret Keene's (English) "soapbox" column, "Make Humanities Fun Again," on expanding the canon in English departments and reintroducing a sense of bright wonder to the humanities. Jarret's dystopian adventure novel Hammer of the Dogs is set in post-apocalyptic Las Vegas and is available at…
October 24, 2023
Jarret Keene (English) published a short story, "Dream Evil," in issue 5 of the international journal SHiFT: A Journal of Literary Oddities, published by Ringling College of Art and Design. On Oct. 17, he met with Ringling students, gave a luncheon talk on journalism and creative writing, and did a reading in the Alfred R. Goldstein Library from…
October 11, 2023
Wendy Chen (English) was invited to speak on a panel at the Christopher Art Gallery at Prairie State College. She spoke on interdisciplinary collaboration within the arts and her experience collaborating with visual artist Michele Stutts. Her work with Stutts is currently on view as part of an exhibit titled, "Tapestry of Voices: The Poetic…
October 9, 2023
Assistant professor Wendy Chen (English) published three translations of the poetry of Song-dynasty woman writer Li Qingzhao in the final issue of Freeman's. The issue received a starred review in Kirkus Reviews, with her translations garnering particular praise.