Topic: UNLV History

UNLV History | December 13, 2016
Dig deep into UNLV history to see how the moment every student is waiting for has evolved throughout the years, from the first class of 1964 to our most recent grads.
Girl sits while resting her hand on her chin
UNLV History | October 6, 2016
UNLV Libraries examines 60 years of student activism at UNLV.
George W. Bush speaking to crowd
UNLV History | May 27, 2016
The UNLV campus has hosted a number of presidential visits over the years. Here are a few of the most notable moments.
Frank Sinatra
UNLV History | May 6, 2016
From Bob Hope to Jimmy Kimmel, top entertainers have long been honored at UNLV commencement with honorary degrees.
The Cube
UNLV History | January 30, 2016
Professor Moses Karakouzian wanted to create a structure that captured the essence of the College of Engineering departments. Here’s how his Cube came to be.
students roast marshmellows on campfire
UNLV History | January 29, 2016
Students send out North Field with party. Check out these photos.
premier u.n.l.v.
UNLV History | January 20, 2016
A look back on the events this patch of grass has hosted over the years.
entrance of the women's center
UNLV History | July 2, 2015
Weight Watchers founder Jean Nidetch inspired millions to eat healthy and then shared her success by helping thousands of Rebels through the campus women’s center and scholarships.
Historical photo of Frazier Hall, UNLV's first building
UNLV History | April 5, 2015
The Oral History Research Center ensures the stories of yesterday will be here for our community tomorrow.
Carolyn and Malcolm Graham
UNLV History | March 18, 2015
UNLV’s first mathematics professor reminisces about how he ended up in Las Vegas and helped build the university from the ground up.
Generic holiday graphic card containing Hey Reb's mustache.
UNLV History | November 12, 2014
Annual campus tradition has raised funds for scholarship while spreading holiday cheer. Here's how it got started and how you can participate this year.
UNLV History | October 5, 2014
Mike Miller, creator of our Hey Reb! mascot, died in fall 2014. Here's how the Las Vegas artist came to create the mountain man we have today.