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Research | May 4, 2010
Forty percent of Las Vegans surveyed say they'd leave Nevada if they could live anywhere they wanted. One local leader is taking a step to change that.
Research | April 20, 2010
Cholesterol, Triglyceride Levels of 20 Previously Sedentary Men Improved Throughout 20-Year Exercise Program
Research | April 19, 2010
With the sounds and smells of a hospital assaulting their senses, nursing students learn from their mistakes in advanced training facility.
Research | April 15, 2010
When alumnus Jim Holland finished his thesis, "climate change" was far from being coined. Thirty years later, the work has been dusted off to help researchers predict the evolution of Southern Nevada's desert ecosystem.
Research | April 12, 2010
Las Vegas has had a legendary reputation for its ability to adapt and reinvent the visitor experience. But today's economy is stressing even the most stable and promising corporations in the world. Does this mean hope is dwindling for recovery and Las Vegas as we know it?
Research | April 12, 2010
For nearly 40 years before the downturn of 2008, the gaming industry had been touted as "recession-proof." But, as the economic downturn intensified and the national gambling spend declined, it became clear that consumer demand for casino gambling was indeed sensitive to larger economic fluctuations.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | April 7, 2010
Element 117 Created at Research Facility in Dubna, Russia; Data Analysis Support Provided by UNLV Researchers
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Research | April 6, 2010
Discussion With Brookings Senior Fellow William Frey at 5:30 p.m. in Greenspun Hall Auditorium at UNLV
Bing Zhang poses for camera
Research | April 2, 2010
Although they are small in number — five full-time faculty members and one part-time professor — and their program is relatively new, UNLV astrophysics professors have not escaped the attention of the National Science Foundation and NASA. Both agencies now actively fund the group's research and rely on their expertise to ensure mission success.
Lake Mead
Research | April 2, 2010
While drought conditions in the West continue to produce record drops in water levels at Lake Mead, a rising tide of research at UNLV seeks to address some of the region's most pressing water issues.
Research | April 1, 2010
Increasing the number of graduates is still a priority, but UNLV’s School of Nursing also seeks to build its research and enhance understanding of the endeavor.
Research | March 31, 2010
A unique, 20-year study found that regular exercise, especially if continued over time, significantly reduces the risk of coronary heart disease in middle-aged and older men.