Topic: campus master plan

Hospitality Hall
Campus News | January 5, 2017
From a new home for the Hotel College to student housing, needed parking and some new land, UNLV campus expansion was in the news in 2016.
Rendering of the Fertitta Football Complex
Athletics | October 1, 2016
Will we get a new stadium? What about that new football practice facility?
FDH viewed from Maryland Parkway
Business and Community | April 27, 2016
UNLV construction projects have kicked into high gear but we aren't walking this street alone. Here's how public-private partnerships are remaking Maryland Parkway.
Hospitality Hall rendering
Campus News | December 24, 2015
A sampling of UNLV's most prominent media coverage regarding campus growth.
Solar panels installed on the UNLV Campus
UNLV History | January 7, 2013
Those solar panels along Flamingo Boulevard actually produce energy for UNLV while helping companies improve their technologies.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Campus News | June 1, 2012
Board of Regents approval gives UNLV and Majestic Realty green light to continue planning and design for project