Topic: Barrick Museum

outdoor billboard
Arts and Culture | March 1, 2018
At the core of Ferrer's practice is the treatment and transmutation of cultural objects and symbols, pulling from popular iconography to art historical artifacts.
close-up of artwork
Arts and Culture | February 8, 2018
Find out what it means to think about vision as an active process in the brain, not just the eye.
mounted photograph
Arts and Culture | January 27, 2018
Three new exhibitions at the Barrick, along with shows at the Donna Beam, Grant Hall Gallery, and Lied Library, explore identity and form. Public reception is Feb. 9.
Museum exterior
UNLV History | November 7, 2017
Marjorie Barrick’s involvement in UNLV and the community went far beyond her time in the classroom. Here's the story of one of our campus' pioneers.
Children participate in Rebel Girls dance camp
Campus News | June 9, 2017
With a variety of university-sponsored camps taking place both on and off campus, UNLV is anything but quiet this summer
Barrick Museum of Art patrons view a drawing by artist Joan Linder.
Arts and Culture | June 5, 2017
School is out! Bring the kids for a day of free art activities for the entire community.
Artwork by Julie Oppermann
Arts and Culture | April 25, 2017
A pair of neuroscience professors break down Julie Oppermann's works, which very deliberately manipulate the brain.
ceramic sculpture
Arts and Culture | February 10, 2017
What happens in an art museum between exhibitions? Here’s a peek into the process.
Detail of Salvador Dali's "Dante’s Inferno Plate 1" 1970, Woodcut print
Arts and Culture | January 11, 2017
Barrick Museum chronicles its evolution as a principal venue for contemporary art and unveils new shows for its celebration.
Barrick Museum Exhibit
Arts and Culture | October 25, 2016
Hear the world-famous photographer talk about his exhibit on campus, which includes images from Azerbaijan to Southern Nevada.
Wendy Kveck BMFD
Arts and Culture | September 25, 2015
Kveck, Russ, and Stellmon, three Las Vegas artists, offer unique bodies of work that spring from a common practice of breaking down their subject, then reorganizing and reordering the pieces.
Untitled (2008) by Philip Argent, '94 MFA
Arts and Culture | May 3, 2012
The uncertain future of the Las Vegas Art Museum collection now secure through new partnership with College of Fine Arts.