Topic: Barrick Museum

Barrick Museum of Art patrons view a drawing by artist Joan Linder.
Arts and Culture | June 5, 2017
School is out! Bring the kids for a day of free art activities for the entire community.
Artwork by Julie Oppermann
Arts and Culture | April 25, 2017
A pair of neuroscience professors break down Julie Oppermann's works, which very deliberately manipulate the brain.
ceramic sculpture
Arts and Culture | February 10, 2017
What happens in an art museum between exhibitions? Here’s a peek into the process.
Detail of Salvador Dali's "Dante’s Inferno Plate 1" 1970, Woodcut print
Arts and Culture | January 11, 2017
Barrick Museum chronicles its evolution as a principal venue for contemporary art and unveils new shows for its celebration.
Barrick Museum Exhibit
Arts and Culture | October 25, 2016
Hear the world-famous photographer talk about his exhibit on campus, which includes images from Azerbaijan to Southern Nevada.
Wendy Kveck BMFD
Arts and Culture | September 25, 2015
Kveck, Russ, and Stellmon, three Las Vegas artists, offer unique bodies of work that spring from a common practice of breaking down their subject, then reorganizing and reordering the pieces.
Untitled (2008) by Philip Argent, '94 MFA
Arts and Culture | May 3, 2012
The uncertain future of the Las Vegas Art Museum collection now secure through new partnership with College of Fine Arts.