Topic: alumni profile

People | April 12, 2010
Alumnus Jay Jacquemoud shows his Rebel spirit with a tribute car in scarlet and gray.
Cindy Ortega poses for camera
People | April 12, 2010
Alumna Cindy Ortega has an unlikely background for someone who just helped open a multibillion dollar resort dedicated to the massaging and feeding of tourists. And at first blush, it seems more unlikely still that her specific job is making such a behemoth environmentally "small."
People | April 12, 2010
Jon Cobain, the first Rebel to cross the stage at commencement, went on to head his own mergers and acquisitions firm. He's shared his success with his alma mater and now challenges all the grads who followed him to reinvest in education.
People | July 22, 2009
A zest for pest control has landed UNLV alumnus Mike Masterson his own show called “Verminators” on the Discovery Channel. The show chronicles Mike and his elite team of exterminators from infestation to infestation.