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Dr. Tony Alamo
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Dr. Antonio “Tony” Alamo, 2016 Outstanding Alumnus of the Year
Diana Bennett
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Diana L. Bennett, Silver State Award winner
Lori Marrs
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Lori Marrs, Achievement In Service Award
Ruben Kihuen
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Ruben Kihuen, College of Education Alumnus of the Year
George Grove
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from George Grove, College of Fine Arts Alumnus of the Year
Amy L. Brock-Hon
Campus News | May 10, 2016
Advice from Amy L. Brock-Hon, College of Sciences Alumna of the Year
Kristina Swallow
People | April 29, 2016
Graduate Kristina Swallow would be the first Nevadan to hold the top position with the American Society of Civil Engineers.
Abajian, Dodge, Albrecht, Anderson, and Crawford
People | April 28, 2016
Spring 2016
David Wedley
People | April 18, 2016
This Academic Success Center staffer says he feels a sense of accomplishment when he sees UNLV’s student-athletes graduate.
Dr. Tony Alamo
People | April 13, 2016
Dr. Tony Alamo’s wildly varied career started with a simple realization: He’d misdiagnosed UNLV.
Marquin Parks
People | April 8, 2016
When Marquin Parks challenged his class to read more, he found his own voice as a writer. Now the College of Education alumnus has two book series under his belt.
Alex Andres at Lego Land
People | April 5, 2016
Alumnus Alex Andres combines lifelong love of Lego with training in theater design to land his dream job.