Topic: alumni profile

Justin Roper keeps an eye on activities during a Runnin' Rebels timeout
People | February 13, 2017
This alum is revved up about returning to his alma mater to be part of UNLV Athletics.
Priscilla Finley
Arts and Culture | February 8, 2017
Humanities Librarian Priscilla Finley on the depictions of our city in the new "Writers Imagine Las Vegas" exhibit at Lied Library.
Christina Prendergast
People | January 17, 2017
This alum says she chose to work at UNLV because she enjoyed attending the university so much that she just couldn't tear herself away.
Scott Hoffman
People | January 9, 2017
This UNLV alum roots for the New York Mets, and for every Rebel who needs his help as he leads the UNLV Support Team.
Shawn McCoy
People | December 12, 2016
This Lee Business School professor says the field of economics is about much more than most people assume.
Brett Abarbanel
People | November 21, 2016
This UNLV Outstanding Graduate returns as faculty to expand and promote the gaming research she began as a student.
Harrah Hotel College alumni
Campus News | November 15, 2016
A group of Hotel Administration grads share tales of how they turned moxie into magic.
Tim and Mike Muir
People | November 15, 2016
The Hotel College honors the brothers with its most prestigious alumni award, Industry Leaders of the Year.
Isabelle and Cam Johnson
Campus News | November 9, 2016
Cam and Isabelle Johnson's hefty to-do lists for the Presidential Debate made their fall feel like "Groundhog Day."
Trish Harrison and Elvis Rowe speak
Campus News | October 20, 2016
And without OIT's Elvis Presley Rowe, the thousands of journalists who descended on campus wouldn't have had networking services.
Homecoming Queen Corrin Sullivan and king Aviv Itzhaki
People | September 30, 2016
The one-time UNLV homecoming queen returns to help build UNLV School of Medicine’s curriculum.
Vamsee Pamula
People | September 29, 2016
When Vamsee Pamula, ’92 MS Electrical Engineering, sees chances to apply his big brain to business opportunities, he takes the leap. His latest venture is a daring moneymaker — and a potential life saver.