Topic: addiction

two white pills, one red caplet
Research | April 16, 2019

A new book by social work professor An-Pyng Sun walks readers through the roots of addiction and treatment.

A woman plays chuck-a-luck
Research | June 6, 2018

As gaming proliferates nationwide, what becomes of women who become addicted, and turn to crime? An Eadington Fellow aims to find out.

Xiangning Chen holds a cigarette with smoke resembling a DNA strand
Research | July 20, 2017

Nevada Institute of Personalized Medicine gene researchers clear the air on the link between schizophrenia and smoking.

The Compleat Gamester
Research | May 12, 2015

When did society start linking problem gambling to the concept of addiction? Medical historian Celeste Chamberland discusses the origins in the May 14 Eadington Fellows lecture.

Bo Bernhard
Research | April 5, 2011

Professor Bo Bernhard's latest research shows that treatment is effective in helping problem gamblers. He discusses the project and the data that shows these programs are a solid investment.

Research | April 21, 2009

Study examines the impact of that online access is having on gambling addicts.