Topic: Change the World

casino betting board
Campus News | March 2, 2018

A U.S. Supreme Court a decision that would grant New Jersey the right to offer sports wagering would be a net positive for Nevada—as well as Boyd’s Gaming Law program.

Melissa Rorie at a gaming table.
Research | February 26, 2018

Criminal justice professor Melissa Rorie digs into the relationship between Nevada's casinos and its gaming regulators.

Katherine Hertlein
People | February 15, 2018

Director of Couple and Family Therapy Program will research intersection of technology and relationships in Austria.

Libby Hausrath and student Seth Grainey working by microscope in lab.
Campus News | February 13, 2018

UNLV research could help assess landing locations and excavation sites for NASA’s 2020 rover mission to Mars.

Allison Slaughter seated at a desk.
Business and Community | February 8, 2018

UNLV practicum helps social work students find the right fit and connect to future jobs.