Topic: New Faces 2018

Portrait of man in front of UNLV building
People | August 13, 2018
This Lee Business School department chair has pursued his dreams from India to New York — and now to UNLV.
Portrait of Marcus Civin, new chair of art department
People | July 16, 2018
This performance artist, art critic, and teacher is excited about collaborating with new colleagues at UNLV.
Portrait of Fiona Britton
People | July 9, 2018
After moving from her native Ireland to Reno and then to Australia, Britton finally found her way to UNLV as a faculty member at the School of Dental Medicine.
Portrait Imad Mehanna
People | June 25, 2018
At UNLV, this planning and construction staffer found the fast-paced work environment he had been seeking.
Portrait Asma Tahir
People | June 18, 2018
Commitment to a healthy lifestyle helps make Asma Tahir a good fit for the university’s pollen program.
Portrait Valerie Holsinger
People | June 11, 2018
Valerie Holsinger is so taken with the human resources field that she says she can't imagine a different career choice.
Portrait Joann Strobbe
People | June 4, 2018
Helping build a medical school from scratch is a rare opportunity this new staffer says she couldn’t ignore.
Portrait Javon Johnson
People | May 29, 2018
Like a poetry verse, the artist-turned-academic said he’s most daring when he lets life flow.
Portrait Danielle Kowal
People | May 21, 2018
This “utility player” in the Academic Success Center strives to help student-athletes have the best possible college experience.
Portrait Eakalak Khan
People | May 14, 2018
A firm believer in perseverance, this engineering professor hopes to contribute to Nevada’s water conservation efforts.
Portrait Edwin Oh
People | May 7, 2018
This neuroscientist joined UNLV to discover how DNA contributes to disease development or prevention.
Portrait Jessica McMorris
People | April 30, 2018
Attracted to the diversity of UNLV, this new School of Nursing staff member looks forward to further developing her research skills.