Topic: 60th anniversary

woman in office
People | August 14, 2020

Known for pushing the envelope and for being ahead of the curve, English professor and pop culture advocate Felicia Campbell joined the UNLV faculty in 1962.

woman with inset image of magazine cover
People | November 29, 2017

UNLV alumna blings out a commemorative graduation cap for the cover of UNLV Magazine.

Campus News | October 26, 2017

With newsrooms being raided of resources, pro sports offer a golden opportunity to enterprising UNLV students.

Illustration of Nevada Southern Telethon
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

The drive to form a campus started with vision — but what it needed was money.

Illustration of students stealing a cannon
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

It took deft work at the legislative level — and some rebellious students — to earn UNLV the ability to stand apart from Reno.

illustration of blackjack players
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

An early look at the benefits of gaming put UNLV on the national research map.

illustration of Jimmy Kimmel and the fox
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

Campus life in the '70s was more freewheeling, and it led to an iconic pairing decades later on television.

90s Hoop.main_.jpg
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

UNLV's storied basketball coach didn't let his hair down often, so when he did, it always caught the team by surprise.

illustration of Maude Frazier Hall and Hospitality Hall
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

It wasn't a popular decision to tear down Maude Frazier Hall, but the demolition had a silver lining for preservationists.

an illustration of televisions around the world tuned to UNLV
UNLV History | October 18, 2017

The 2016 Presidential Debate brought UNLV to global prominence.