Topic: Welcome back 2017

A basket containing grapes
Business and Community | August 31, 2017
UNLV dietitian Samantha Coogan on the pros and cons of organic vs. gluten-free, avoiding the afternoon sugar or caffeine crash, and making healthy options fun.
entrance to library
People | August 29, 2017
Ernst Lied and his namesake library continue to play an important part in the everyday lives of UNLV students.
man shooting video of speaker
Campus News | August 28, 2017
Len Jessup offers three quick tips for your success this fall.
Bigelow Physics Building and Bigelow Health Sciences Building
UNLV History | August 28, 2017
Don't know how to pronounce Pida Plaza? Or where Doc Rando Hall is? Here's your guide to confusing campus places.
Student shopping for books
Campus News | August 22, 2017
To buy or rent? That is one of the questions.
A speaker on stage
Campus News | August 22, 2017
The featured speakers from UNLV Creates share their wishes for this fall's incoming students.
UNLV Performing Arts Center logo on a window
Arts and Culture | July 14, 2017
Get your tickets now for a season that promises to be different, daring, and diverse!
Tony Terrell
Athletics | May 3, 2017
Tony Terrell was once a steadying force on the Rebels offensive line. Now he helps students stay the course to graduation. Catch his new Facebook Live series.
UNLV History | January 29, 2013
Why is our famous sculpture pointed down? Hint: It's not because of air traffic.