Topic: space

China's FAST radio telescope
Research | July 28, 2023

International team reports on a radio pulsar phase of a Galactic magnetar that emitted a fast radio burst in 2020; observations suggest unique origins for “bursts” and “pulses," which adds to FRB formation theory.

illustration of a microquasar in outer space
Research | July 26, 2023

An international team of scientists reports in Nature the first detection of a quasi-periodic oscillation signal in the radio band from a Galactic black hole system.

image from the James Webb telescope
People | June 16, 2023

From de facto time machines to the story behind your TV static, UNLV cosmologist and computer scientist Paul La Plante shares four facts you probably didn’t know about the universe.

An image of rocks snapped by NASA's Mars Perseverance rover
Research | September 26, 2022

UNLV geoscientists Libby Hausrath and Arya Udry dish on latest Perseverance rover data, and provide peek at upcoming research.