Topic: Who We Are

Vanessa Hauc
People | September 28, 2017

As climate change and hurricanes dominate the news, alumna and Telemundo journalist Vanessa Hauc is raising awareness on the impact in Latino communities.

Hunter Davidson poses with toothbrush
People | November 9, 2016

This student is intent on supplying underprivileged people around the globe with an essential health tool most of us take for granted.

Daniel Benyshek and Sharon Young
Campus News | November 3, 2016

First clinical study of its kind finds no benefit for women who eat their placenta as a source of needed iron after giving birth.

Artist's rendition of a hot Earth-sized planet
Research | October 11, 2016

The key feature of these systems is a hot planet on a short orbit. Understanding these systems may help us better understand the process involved in making planets.

Connor Fields bites his gold medal
People | October 10, 2016

Lee Business School student Connor Fields on winning an Olympic Gold and applying his studies to building his brand.

Vamsee Pamula
People | September 29, 2016

When Vamsee Pamula, ’92 MS Electrical Engineering, sees chances to apply his big brain to business opportunities, he takes the leap. His latest venture is a daring moneymaker — and a potential life saver.

Benjamin, Jager, Samantha Bivins, and Ashleigh
People | September 29, 2016

Volunteering hundreds of hours of service becomes a legacy for a single mom and her four children — the 2016 Honorary Rebel Family.

Student in dorm room
Campus News | September 13, 2016

As Campus Life prepares to celebrate the 50th anniversary of Tonopah Hall, we journeyed deep in the heart of the residence halls to see some of best rooms campus has to offer, and to find out why these students chose campus living.

Mario Verduzco
People | July 27, 2016

Engineering student turns study abroad experience into internship that taught him the value of improvising.

Brittnie Watkins
People | June 23, 2016

Brittnie Watkins excels at keeping multiple balls in the air as she earns four UNLV degrees, mothers two, and fulfills a state Supreme Court clerkship.

FDH viewed from Maryland Parkway
Business and Community | April 27, 2016

UNLV construction projects have kicked into high gear but we aren't walking this street alone. Here's how public-private partnerships are remaking Maryland Parkway.