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New Faces 2016

Portrait of Elizabeth Stacy.
Oct 9, 2017

Excited about UNLV’s diversity and upward trajectory, this new life sciences professor is looking forward to involving more undergraduates in her research.

Danylle Hitchen
Mar 6, 2017

Danylle Hitchen’s “one day at a time motto” guides her through life’s adventures.

Vaneh Darakjian
Feb 27, 2017

Born in a refugee camp in Germany, Darakjian eventually settled in Las Vegas with her family and made her way to UNLV. Now this alum is busy promoting the high-quality graduate education offered by her alma mater.

Benjamin Barborka
Feb 21, 2017

This dentist's tip for success is to avoid the temptation to take shortcuts since only persistence and hard work are going to get you where you want to be.

Justin Roper keeps an eye on activities during a Runnin' Rebels timeout
Feb 13, 2017

This alum is revved up about returning to his alma mater to be part of UNLV Athletics.

Cynthia Wong sits at a piano
Feb 6, 2017

From premiering new work at Carnegie Hall to collaborating on the Nextet new music concert series, this professor is proof classical composers are alive and kicking.

Francisco Sy
Jan 30, 2017

The new chair of environmental and occupational health says he was drawn to UNLV in part because of the opportunity to mentor minority students.

John Burlison
Jan 23, 2017

This new director brings wisdom and determination to the Harrah Hotel College’s executive education program.

Christina Prendergast
Jan 17, 2017

This alum says she chose to work at UNLV because she enjoyed attending the university so much that she just couldn't tear herself away.

Scott Hoffman
Jan 9, 2017

This UNLV alum roots for the New York Mets, and for every Rebel who needs his help as he leads the UNLV Rebels Support Team.