Topic: University Forum Lecture Series

Shahab Zagari shoots a photo
Campus News | February 20, 2018

Forum Lecture examines the utility of storytelling in short-form video and on social media.

Blocks are laid out during the construction of the James Bailey marimba
Campus News | February 12, 2018

A retired master works with UNLV professor on documenting the building of what may be the final instrument of his career.

A conductor leads an orchestra.
Arts and Culture | November 27, 2017

Interest in classical music is fading. What does that tell us about how we arrived at the current state of culture?

young girl getting a shot
Campus News | November 2, 2017

Despite the spread misinformation, vaccines remain essential for children.

Ludwig van Beethoven
Arts and Culture | October 9, 2017

A rock musician, historian, and director finds four spots in the recent past where Beethoven's Ninth Symphony had a profound connection with current events.

Jonathan Rhodes Lee
Arts and Culture | April 14, 2017

Consonance, dissonance, and a snippy critic were at the heart of this derisive term for some of classical's greats.

Truman and MacArthur
Campus News | September 9, 2016

For a special Constitution Day event, a leading scholar explores presidential errors, misjudgments, and deceptions. Join the discussion Sept. 19.

Antonin Scalia
Campus News | August 31, 2016

UNLV law professor Ian Chamberlin Bartrum on our courts and classrooms in the wake of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.