Topic: University Forum Lecture Series

Shahab Zagari shoots a photo
Campus News | February 20, 2018
Forum Lecture examines the utility of storytelling in short-form video and on social media.
Blocks are laid out during the construction of the James Bailey marimba
Campus News | February 12, 2018
A retired master works with UNLV professor on documenting the building of what may be the final instrument of his career.
A conductor leads an orchestra.
Arts and Culture | November 27, 2017
Interest in classical music is fading. What does that tell us about how we arrived at the current state of culture?
young girl getting a shot
Campus News | November 2, 2017
Despite the spread misinformation, vaccines remain essential for children.
Ludwig van Beethoven
Arts and Culture | October 9, 2017
A rock musician, historian, and director finds four spots in the recent past where Beethoven's Ninth Symphony had a profound connection with current events.
Exhibits at the Mob Museum
Arts and Culture | September 6, 2017
Forum lecture will examine the rhetoric of the Mob Museum, both within the exhibits, and in its broader context in the Las Vegas community.
Jonathan Rhodes Lee
Arts and Culture | April 14, 2017
Consonance, dissonance, and a snippy critic were at the heart of this derisive term for some of classical's greats.
Truman and MacArthur
Campus News | September 9, 2016
For a special Constitution Day event, a leading scholar explores presidential errors, misjudgments, and deceptions. Join the discussion Sept. 19.
Antonin Scalia
Campus News | August 31, 2016
UNLV law professor Ian Chamberlin Bartrum on our courts and classrooms in the wake of the passing of Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.