Topic: Research Week 2015

Matthew Lachniet studies stalagmites
Research | October 15, 2015
UNLV geoscience professor exploring the links between wet conditions starting 5,000 years ago and weather events such as El Niño in the Desert Southwest.
Robin Mendoza
Research | October 14, 2015
At age 20, Robin Mendoza has already helped develop a Clark County parks map. Now, the graduate student in public administration is using her research skills in GIS to help nonprofits.
Jefferson Kinney
Research | October 13, 2015
Researcher knew there was a connection between diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease. Now they’ve discovered that introducing a brief sickness may help.
Jason Steffen
People | October 12, 2015
The physics professor on astronomy, heroic efforts, and how to board a plane.
Georgiann Davis
Research | October 7, 2015
In her University Forum lecture, sociology professor Georgiann Davis discusses how intersex people navigate their lives.
Las Vegas strip
Research | October 7, 2015
UNLV professor Bo Bernhard — a keynote speaker for UNLV Research Week Oct. 12-16 — explains how the science of intelligence bends in the direction of UNLV.