female and male actor in costume
Arts and Culture | February 12, 2019
This Carlyle Brown play, based on real-life events, runs through Feb. 24 in the Judy Bayley Theatre.
5 actors in costume
Arts and Culture | November 29, 2018
Enjoy subterfuge, shenanigans, and sonnets through Dec. 9.
Arts and Culture | September 19, 2018
Oscar Wilde's sparkling comedy runs through Oct. 7 in the Judy Bayley Theatre.
NCT logo celebrating 15 years
Arts and Culture | July 9, 2018
Join us in celebrating the 15th anniversary of NCT with a season that brings a new perspective on classic works for our modern world.
illustration of a crown
Arts and Culture | April 6, 2018
This interdisciplinary musical includes the School of Music and department of dance and is dedicated to the memory of NCT founder Robert Brewer.
two actresses facing each other
Arts and Culture | February 27, 2018
This startlingly modern, all-female production of the classic tragedy investigates the relationship between true democracy and unbridled political power.
woman and man
Arts and Culture | January 26, 2018
Excluded as a black man from the major leagues during his prime, Troy Maxon's bitterness takes its toll on his relationships with his wife and son.
Ghost of Christmas Present and Ebenezer Scrooge
Arts and Culture | November 21, 2017
This magical journey reminds Scrooge — and every one of us — of the transformative power of love, friendship, and generosity.
theater poster
Arts and Culture | October 11, 2017
Good kids wouldn’t do something so bad, would they?
Arts and Culture | September 14, 2017
Performances run through Oct. 8 in the Judy Bayley Theatre.
Take Me Out promotional poster
Arts and Culture | July 31, 2017
Join us for a season of introductions and surprises!
Poster for Peter Pan
Arts and Culture | April 6, 2017
A sprinkle of pixie dust and a fantastical journey await!