UNLV Special Collections

A woman plays chuck-a-luck
Jun 6, 2018

As gaming proliferates nationwide, what becomes of women who become addicted, and turn to crime? An Eadington Fellow aims to find out.

Aaron Mayes stands in front of his photos
Feb 7, 2018
Arts & Culture

Special Collections exhibit Built takes a wide look at what makes Las Vegas, Las Vegas.

Muhammad Ali
Jun 27, 2017
Arts & Culture

Seeing the African-American enclave through the lens of photographer Clinton Wright

showgirl costume design
Dec 15, 2015
Arts & Culture

Jubilee!, the last of the classic showgirl shows will soon be no more. Go behind the scenes of the Strip's most celebrated stages in the entertainment archives of the UNLV Libraries.

Lee M. Hanover
May 26, 2015

One of this year's Calvert Award winners for undergraduate researchers on how to avoid getting overwhelmed by massive amounts of research materials.

The Compleat Gamester
May 12, 2015

When did society start linking problem gambling to the concept of addiction? Medical historian Celeste Chamberland discusses the origins in the May 14 Eadington Fellows lecture.

Swimming pool scene at the Riviera Hotel
May 6, 2015
Arts & Culture

The vast archives within University Libraries preserve the history of the now-shuttered casino. Su Kim Chung, head of special collections public services, offers a peek inside.

Items from Las Vegas Strip production Folies Bergere
Apr 30, 2015
Campus News

Lied Library Exhibit (May through October) and panel event (May 17) explores translation of large-scale productions ‘Lido de Paris’ and ‘Folies Bergère' from Parisian stage to Las Vegas Strip.

Detail of printer's ornament from Rodotà's "De' giuochi d'industria
Apr 14, 2015

Researcher digs into the early treatises in UNLV's Special Collections to discover how the culture of gambling shaped Renaissance Rome.

Historical photo of Frazier Hall, UNLV's first building
Apr 5, 2015
UNLV History

The Oral History Research Center ensures the stories of yesterday will be here for our community tomorrow.