Topic: the back story

UNLV History | March 6, 2013
Ham Concert Hall boosted the city's cultural offerings and paved the way for arts groups to thrive.
The sculpture "Fallen Soldier" at the Veterans Memorial on the UNLV campus
UNLV History | February 19, 2013
Students and community came together to bring Las Vegas its first veterans memorial.
UNLV History | February 12, 2013
Nestled in the center of campus is a peaceful retreat for visitors. The garden's plants are a showcase for the beauty that thrives in arid climates.
UNLV History | January 29, 2013
Why is our famous sculpture pointed down? Hint: It's not because of air traffic.
UNLV History | January 23, 2013
When UNLV celebrates its 100th anniversary, students will crack into the time capsule outside the Student Union.
UNLV History | January 17, 2013
Our beloved mascot is memorialized in bronze, bringing luck to all those who rub his epic mustache.
Solar panels installed on the UNLV Campus
UNLV History | January 7, 2013
Those solar panels along Flamingo Boulevard actually produce energy for UNLV while helping companies improve their technologies.
UNLV History | December 10, 2012
Cheerleader's courageous battle with cancer inspired the entire campus.
Low angle view of the watch tower sculpture on the UNLV campus.
UNLV History | December 3, 2012
Do you hear what we hear? UNLV's clock tower chimes with holiday spirit.
UNLV professor emeritus Wesley E. Niles
UNLV History | November 19, 2012
Carefully preserved in UNLV's Wes Niles Herbarium is the history of Southern Nevada through its plants.
UNLV History | January 13, 2011
The replica plane is a sign of the lasting legacy Howard Hughes had on UNLV's College of Engineering.