Topic: staff profile

woman riding bike
Campus News | August 27, 2021
Kim Case-Nichols has the stamina it takes to complete Ironman competitions and build major facilities.
woman in commencement gown and cap
People | April 11, 2019
Here's why the one-time temp worker was snatched up full time within a month of stepping on campus.
woman in front of building schematic
People | November 8, 2018
With the stamina of a triathlete, Kimberly Case-Nichols manages the logistics of clinic consolidations and facility expansions at the UNLV Medical School.
Claytee White, Director, Oral History Research Center at the Historic Westside School
People | June 14, 2017
Oral historian Claytee White has spent a career recording Las Vegans’ personal histories. Now she speaks about her own remarkable roots.
Elizabeth Jost
People | August 15, 2016
This senior admissions analyst takes both her job and her "geeky" hobbies seriously.
Preston Laird poses on basketball court
People | August 1, 2016
The new director of operations for basketball shares tips for success — and for finding the best barbecue in Memphis.
Barbara Richards
People | July 28, 2016
Barbara Richards’ nine years of service captured her first-place honors in this year’s President’s Classified Employee of the Year competition.
Brian Wall
People | June 27, 2016
The law school's director of graduate programs on the intertwining nature of literature and law.
Starr Hoffman
People | March 28, 2016
The new Libraries employee on information overload and her 'geeky' accomplishment.
Rebecca Benfield
People | March 14, 2016
This administrator says the array of opportunities available to nurses today — including research and health care policy work — provides nearly limitless career advancement potential.
Nikki Troxclair
People | March 7, 2016
Choosing a career in the fast-paced communications field perhaps wasn't a surprising move for this associate VP who learned to skate before she could walk.
Andres “Andy” DeLeon
People | August 12, 2015
One of the Classified Employees of the Year, Andy DeLeon is described as an “invaluable source of expertise, motivation, and professionalism.”