Topic: science and technology

David Wong holding quagga mussels
Research | October 29, 2009
Tiny quagga mussels are clogging water pipelines, attaching to boats and lake structures, and causing big problems at Lake Mead.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Business and Community | July 22, 2009
One Las Vegas neighborhood is cutting summertime energy bills in half thanks to a collaborative partnership between the UNLV Center for Energy Research, Pulte Homes, and NV Energy.
seismograph display
Research | July 22, 2009
UNLV geoscientists are shaking things up with a new 3-D model showing how the Las Vegas Valley will respond to earthquakes. The model will help officials and planners design safer buildings and improve disaster relief plans.
solar array
Research | July 22, 2009
UNLV is going big and thinking small as it moves to the forefront of solar energy research. The UNLV Center for Energy Research has installed the world’s most powerful solar energy generator while a UNLV chemist is working to expand solar cell technology.