Topic: religion

Lake Mead D72695_334.JPG
Research | August 5, 2019

Research by a UNLV environmental communication expert offers strategies for improving the dialogue around climate change.

sunlight through water
Research | August 7, 2018

A new book explores Gandhian thought and Quakerism to show us how both contribute to humanity’s quest for world peace.

Leslie Griffin
People | September 22, 2016

Boyd School of Law professor Leslie Griffin brings together philosophy, health care law, and constitutional law to explore issues in bioethics.

Sabina Callwood shares her story with K-12 educators
Arts and Culture | June 4, 2015

UNLV hosts Always Remember, a June 10-12 institute on how teachers, parents and others can inspire youths’ futures through lessons about the past.

People | September 5, 2012

A new constitutional law professor shares her views on religion, the courts, and mastering the breaststroke.