Topic: popular culture

Several covers of Believer magazine
Arts and Culture | March 30, 2017
The Believer, one of the world's leading journals of arts and culture, is a five-time finalist for the National Magazine Award; publication part of BMI mission to connect writers, and literary imagination, to public life.
Constancio Arnaldo
Research | March 29, 2017
Get into the world of Filipino boxing and masculinity through postdoctoral scholar's research.
People | February 28, 2017
As a utility player of the acting profession, alumnus Michael Bunin has found his niche in Hollywood.
Hart Wegner look at a model plane
Arts and Culture | February 24, 2017
The film department's holdings from the reclusive filmmaker and industrialist offer insights into an original Academy Award nominee for Best Picture.
Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope
Arts and Culture | February 2, 2017
What NBC's 'Parks and Recreation' can teach us about feminism.
John F. Kennedy
Arts and Culture | September 27, 2016
History professor Deirdre Clemente chronicles the increasingly casual nature of presidential fashion.
Katherine Keller with book
Arts and Culture | September 23, 2016
Library technician Katherine Keller is fighting censorship of comic books and graphic novels through her work with the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund.
Homecoming royalty from 1976
Research | September 1, 2016
UNLV history professor Deirdre Clemente's newest book highlights a convergence of fashion and consumerism on college campuses.
Nicole Santero
People | July 15, 2016
When she noticed boy band fans controlled worldwide Twitter trends, journalism grad Nicole Santero wanted to know why.
coloured woodcut
Arts and Culture | February 8, 2016
Why do we sing the national anthem before a ballgame and hear the same plucking of the koto strings when a movie is set in Japan? Ethnomusicologist Richard Miller explains.
Student reads outside
Arts and Culture | August 31, 2015
These Black Mountain Institute-affiliated writers have been garnering national reviews with works that pull readers in and push their boundaries.
Emily Salisbury
Research | June 9, 2015
As “Orange is the New Black” returns for a third season, UNLV criminologist Emily Salisbury talks about women in prison and what they need to succeed afterwards.