Topic: New Faces 2014

People | December 1, 2014
This fundraising professional says her tip for success is never to schedule more than 80 percent of the workday.
People | November 24, 2014
This experiential learning coordinator says the best part of his job is helping students achieve "eureka" moments.
People | November 21, 2014
This career services coordinator advises that everyone develop a personal definition of success.
People | November 17, 2014
This new professor is a heavy lifter in terms of neurophysiology research and Olympic-style competition.
People | November 14, 2014
This program coordinator helps faculty members work service activities for local nonprofits into their course requirements.
People | November 7, 2014
This librarian says her interest in her profession dates back to the fifth grade.
People | November 3, 2014
This dance professor says UNLV is the one place she feels connected to in Las Vegas that has not been imploded.
People | October 27, 2014
This career development officer has one important tip for students in terms of career success: It’ never too early to begin networking.
People | October 24, 2014
The university's first proposal development manager says one of the joys of her job is that it allows her to work with faculty in a variety of disciplines.
People | October 21, 2014
Don’t mess with Monica. She already has achieved her goal of earning a black belt in muay thai kickboxing.
People | October 17, 2014
This graduate assistant program coordinator has some talents that might surprise you.
People | October 13, 2014
Women going into engineering should take care not to fall victim to the "imposter syndrome," this professor advises.