Topic: New Faces 2013

People | November 4, 2013
The new professor-in-residence share his thoughts on the ever-changing world of employment law, workplace prejudice, and
People | October 30, 2013
The diversity advocate and university ombudsman brings an alternate perspective to his dual roles on campus.
People | October 28, 2013
The new ethnographer explores the reasons it's so hard to escape poverty.
People | October 23, 2013
Professor Bing Ma left the frigid winters of Michigan for the intense summers of Las Vegas to continue her research and begin teaching.
People | October 21, 2013
A quick comment by a UNLV professor changed the course of her life. Now back at UNLV as new Lincy Institute director of education, Martinez hopes to influence the lives of Nevada's children through her policy research.
People | October 15, 2013
An Army and Navy veteran, nursing professor Bruce Leonard lived in many states before moving to Las Vegas. He came to UNLV on the advice of a current nursing professor.
People | October 14, 2013
UNLV's first graduate of the community health PhD returns to see through her work in creating a healthier community.
People | October 10, 2013
A childhood fascination with space exploration eventually led to a full-time role at NASA for a health physics professor.
People | October 8, 2013
The new dean of the Boyd Law School aims to build UNLV's reputation as a leader in gaming law.
People | October 2, 2013
The architecture professor talks about becoming part of the city’s creative class and learning to embrace messy mistakes.
People | September 30, 2013
The career coach reminds students that what they do well might not be what they want to do every day.
People | September 25, 2013
An off-handed comment created a new career path for the leader of UNLV's subject librarians team.