Topic: My Nevada 5

Business and Community | April 2, 2014
From Mark Twain to Hank Greenspun, Nevada journalists both recorded history and changed it. Alumnus and historian Michael Green lists his favorites.
Business and Community | March 26, 2014
Some of UNLV's most distinctive programs have had a helping hand from local philanthropists.
Business and Community | March 21, 2014
UNLV nursing professors share their list of milestones that have affected nurses and improved health care in our state.
Business and Community | March 12, 2014
From ending discriminatory practices to shedding light on education and social issues, Nevada women have challenged the status quo and made Nevada a better place.
Frank Burnside pictured next to his plane
Business and Community | March 6, 2014
Long before airline travel became ordinary, Nevada visionaries foresaw the critical role it would play in the state's economic health.
Research | February 27, 2014
Meteor smack downs, volcanic calderas, and mountain pulses — Geologist Steve Rowland explains some of the catastrophic events the created the geology and biology of our beautiful state.
Business and Community | February 19, 2014
Early African American settlers built their fortunes and pushed for equality in the surprisingly integrated Nevada community.
Business and Community | February 12, 2014
UNLV professors weigh in on some of the state’s big battles and quiet victories in community health.
Research | February 6, 2014
The state’s seemingly barren land is filled with bizarre mammals — at least for now. Mammalogist Brett Riddle lists off his favorites.
Business and Community | January 30, 2014
As the state celebrates its 150th year, special collections librarian Su Kim Chung shares her picks for the most important records on early Las Vegas history.
People | July 17, 2013
The director of UNLV's public history program explains why the myth that Las Vegas has no history persists.