Topic: My Nevada 5

Business and Community | October 28, 2014

We're celebrating the state's sesquicentennial with some fun facts and insightful observations from UNLV professors.

Business and Community | October 23, 2014

Historian Michael Green on some of our greatest (depending on how you look at it) political leaders.

Christopher Columbus Powning
Business and Community | October 15, 2014

Wayne Newton, Dana Gentry, and Christopher Columbus Powning have all had a role in the state's landmark free speech cases. Here's a look at the choice words and exposés that brought Nevada news outlets before the state Supreme Court.

Business and Community | September 18, 2014

This section of the city was integrated and flourished in days of overt segregation along the Las Vegas Strip. Oral historian Claytee White takes a look at the businesses that formed the backbone for this community.

Business and Community | September 11, 2014
Professor Lynn Comella hits on the highlights of the city's brothel history — from the rise of Block 16 to the raid on Roxie's.
Business and Community | September 3, 2014

Here's how McCarran went from a dusty stop on the Transcontinental Airmail Route to a major international airport.

Research | June 18, 2014

UNLV paleontologist Josh Bonde shares his favorite vertebrate discoveries in Nevada and where you can go see them today.

Business and Community | June 3, 2014
Women have been forces to reckon with in the often rough-and-tumble history of Nevada gaming. Here are five you should know about.
Business and Community | May 21, 2014

Nevada is a land of strange extremes. Here's how those factors make for a strange economy, according to professor Mary Riddel.

Business and Community | May 1, 2014
Peter Michel, head of exhibits for Special Collections, on the history of Nevada through historic maps.
Business and Community | April 25, 2014

Journalism professor Julian Kilker has been documenting the historic ranch, which was once home to Clara Bow and Rex Bell. It's part of a project to preserve ecological, cultural, and educational resources.

UNLV History | April 9, 2014

How did Nevada become a world leader in gaming? Expert David Schwartz picks out the key dates that changed our state's biggest industry.