Topic: music

American flag
Arts and Culture | October 23, 2021

How the national anthem became a fixture at sporting events and the mixed response that musicians have garnered for their renditions.

A man smiles while writing music
People | October 28, 2020

Alumnus Eric Whitacre's YouTube sensation Virtual Choir is the creative project that had been planning for the pandemic moment for 10 years.

Mykola Sul seated at a piano.
People | July 29, 2019

UNLV’s coordinator of keyboard studies enlists students to share Beethoven’s works with the community.

Jonathan Rhodes Lee
Arts and Culture | April 14, 2017

Consonance, dissonance, and a snippy critic were at the heart of this derisive term for some of classical's greats.

Linda Lister performs
Arts and Culture | February 7, 2017

By marrying the contradictory, Linda Lister shakes up the opera scene.