Topic: music

A man smiles while writing music
People | October 28, 2020
Alumnus Eric Whitacre's YouTube sensation Virtual Choir is the creative project that had been planning for the pandemic moment for 10 years.
American flag
Arts and Culture | July 1, 2020
How the national anthem became a fixture at sporting events and the mixed response that musicians have garnered for their renditions.
Mykola Sul seated at a piano.
People | July 29, 2019
UNLV’s coordinator of keyboard studies enlists students to share Beethoven’s works with the community.
The Believer Festival graphic
Arts and Culture | April 4, 2018
Two-day Black Mountain Institute event features literary, music, and visual artists.
Portrait Stephen Caplan with student Jairo Pulido
Arts and Culture | March 29, 2018
Much like athletes, professional musicians, dancers, and artists are prone to career-ending injuries. Music professor Stephen Caplan explains.
illustration of brain with music notes
Arts and Culture | February 12, 2018
The symposium is presented by professor Lawrence Zoller from the School of Dental Medicine.
woman with flute
Arts and Culture | September 1, 2017
UNLV doctor of musical arts candidate Dafne Guevara single-handedly organized and presented Panama's first flute festival.
Jonathan Rhodes Lee
Arts and Culture | April 14, 2017
Consonance, dissonance, and a snippy critic were at the heart of this derisive term for some of classical's greats.
Ben Verdery
Arts and Culture | March 21, 2017
Verdery is a prolific published composer, as well as an innovative and eclectic classical guitarist.
Andreas Kern and Paul Cibis look at each other from across a grand piano
Arts and Culture | March 16, 2017
Two pianists battle it out, and ultimately the audience decides who wins!
Several portaits, including Lance Burton, Matthew Gray Gubler, and Willie Harris
Arts and Culture | February 21, 2017
Carol Channing and the late Debbie Reynolds to receive the Koep Dean's Medal. George Grove to be recognized as Alumnus of the Year.
Linda Lister performs
Arts and Culture | February 7, 2017
By marrying the contradictory, Linda Lister shakes up the opera scene.