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Untitled (2008) by Philip Argent, '94 MFA
Arts and Culture | May 3, 2012
The uncertain future of the Las Vegas Art Museum collection now secure through new partnership with College of Fine Arts.
Wild in the Winnows (2011) by Jane Callister, '94 MFA
Arts and Culture | January 4, 2012
The Las Vegas Art Museum and the College of Fine Arts recently announced a partnership to exhibit the extensive LVAM collection.
Arts and Culture | April 1, 2011
The Barrick Museum's extensive collection of Mexican and Guatamalan masks.
Arts and Culture | September 13, 2010
From self-guided tours to the special exhibition projects, the Marjorie Barrick Museum encourages the campus community to take advantage of all it offers.
Arts and Culture | April 12, 2010
A remarkable collection of contemporary art finds a home in UNLV's Beam Museum of Fine Art.
Donald Beapler speaking at a podium during the Xeric Garden dedication.
Arts and Culture | April 12, 2010
A former UNLV president became a low-key champion for one of the campus's most beloved and peaceful spots.