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Sep 21, 2017
Arts and Culture

The evening of spectacular celebration marks the 60th anniversary of UNLV and the 50th anniversary of the Barrick Museum.

Sep 19, 2017
Arts and Culture

The internationally acclaimed art critic will deliver two lectures on art and writing.

Sep 18, 2017
Campus News

UNLV architecture students imagine a different approach to the way museums curate our shared cultural experiences.

art gallery
Sep 13, 2017
Arts and Culture

In an era of answers at our fingertips, UNLV’s real role is to promote ignorance in our students, argues the Barrick Museum’s D.K. Sole.

two women looking at art exhibit
Aug 30, 2017
Arts and Culture

History professor finds the humanity in a Barrick Museum exhibit meditating on the minutiae of atomic testing history.

Single visitor looking at the Tested Ground museum exhibit
Jun 12, 2017
Arts and Culture

How to use the Barrick Museum’s new exhibit to talk to your children about the environment.

Children participate in Rebel Girls dance camp
Jun 9, 2017
Campus News

With a variety of university-sponsored camps taking place both on and off campus, UNLV is anything but quiet this summer

Christmas Angel III by Kim Rugg
May 9, 2017
Arts and Culture

An installation at the Barrick compels museum curators and UNLV mailroom staff to take new notice of each other.

several books
Apr 5, 2017
Arts and Culture

Librarian Priscilla Finley recommends some of her favorite Las Vegas-set reads for the beach or your backyard.

Meghan Smythe, Purple Lady
Mar 24, 2017
Arts and Culture

Can you name five female artists? The Barrick Museum's collection will help you pass this cultural test for Women's History Month.