Topic: faculty profile

People | November 7, 2012
When a trauma mangles a patient's face, Dr. Daniel Orr steps in for the often intense work of reconstruction.
People | November 5, 2012
Anthropologist Alyssa Crittenden ventures into the African bush to study how humans learned to cooperate.
People | November 5, 2012
Pushing the envelope in pop culture. Butting heads with higher-ups. Championing novel academic fields. Professor Felicia Campbell celebrates 50 years of being a rebel.
Arts and Culture | October 30, 2012
"Gatsby" just won an Oscar for best costumes thanks in part to fashion historian Deirdre Clemente. She was a consultant on the movie's costumes. Here's her thoughts on the traditional rules of fashion, F. Scott Fitzgerald, and dressing your age in Las Vegas.
People | October 5, 2012
The educational psychologist on keeping kids with behavioral disorders out of the special education classroom, her proudest moment, and the inspiration of Olympian Gabby Douglas.
People | October 1, 2012
The new Lee Business School professor on the inspiration she finds in accounting, immigrating from Nigeria, and teaching a course that some students dread.
People | September 24, 2012
The new director of the School of Architecture’s Downtown Design Center on sustainable urban design and the propensity of architects to wear black clothing.
People | September 18, 2012
Nora Caberoy on the complicated structures of the eye, treating blindness, and catching tadpoles.
People | September 13, 2012
Alumnus brings his expertise in exercise physiology back as a professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences. The avid runner talks about exercise, your immune system, and his own bad eating habits.
People | September 11, 2012
As the gen-ed curriculum is retooled, Erin Rinto is ready to help boost the information literacy of students. Learn more about the new undergraduate learning librarian.
People | September 7, 2012
The education professor on making and solving life's problems with math, teaching in Las Vegas, and his poetic inspiration.
People | September 5, 2012
A new constitutional law professor shares her views on religion, the courts, and mastering the breaststroke.