Topic: faculty and staff profiles

Patricia Butler with her chin resting on her hand.
People | July 16, 2019
One of the professors in her department describes administrative assistant Patricia Butler as "the sunshine."
black and white portrait of woman
People | July 9, 2019
Joanna DiBella, the President’s Classified Rookie of the Year, makes a good first impression in the provost's office.
Portrait of Clark Bossert
People | January 16, 2018
This new Student Affairs staff member passed over other job offers, convinced he wanted to work at UNLV.
Dick Calvert
Athletics | November 7, 2017
Dick Calvert has been behind the mic for most of school’s history.
Portrait of Jason L Wasden
People | September 18, 2017
This new director of government affairs said he was drawn to UNLV where innovation knows no bounds.
Barb Roberts
People | July 5, 2017
A first-generation college student, Barb Roberts is UNLV's Administrative Faculty Member of the Year.
Tony Terrell
Athletics | May 3, 2017
Tony Terrell was once a steadying force on the Rebels offensive line. Now he helps students stay the course to graduation. Catch his new Facebook Live series.
Jack Schibrowsky
People | April 25, 2017
Alumni Association honors marketing professor Jack Schibrowsky with its Outstanding Faculty Award.
Jonathan Rhodes Lee and Jennifer Grim perform
Arts and Culture | March 28, 2017
Inspired by her research on the period’s music, flutist Jennifer Grim created a first-of-its-kind festival for UNLV and the community.
Andreas Stefik
People | January 6, 2017
A compilation of media coverage profiling just a few of the many people of UNLV who made news in 2016.
Homecoming Queen Corrin Sullivan and king Aviv Itzhaki
People | September 30, 2016
The one-time UNLV homecoming queen returns to help build UNLV School of Medicine’s curriculum.
Heather Lusty
People | May 2, 2016
The Honors-English professor offers her unique take on heavy metal, gardening, the cultural significance of Star Trek, and the purpose of higher education.