faculty and staff profiles

Portrait of Clark Bossert
Jan 16, 2018

This new Student Affairs staff member passed over other job offers, convinced he wanted to work at UNLV.

Dick Calvert
Nov 7, 2017

Dick Calvert has been behind the mic for most of school’s history.

Portrait of Jason L Wasden
Sep 18, 2017

This new director of government affairs said he was drawn to UNLV where innovation knows no bounds.

Barb Roberts
Jul 5, 2017

A first-generation college student, Barb Roberts is UNLV's Administrative Faculty Member of the Year.

Tony Terrell
May 3, 2017

Tony Terrell was once a steadying force on the Rebels offensive line. Now he helps students stay the course to graduation. Catch his new Facebook Live series.

Jack Schibrowsky
Apr 25, 2017

Alumni Association honors marketing professor Jack Schibrowsky with its Outstanding Faculty Award.

Jonathan Rhodes Lee and Jennifer Grim perform
Mar 28, 2017
Arts & Culture

Inspired by her research on the period’s music, flutist Jennifer Grim created a first-of-its-kind festival for UNLV and the community.

Andreas Stefik
Jan 6, 2017

A compilation of media coverage profiling just a few of the many people of UNLV who made news in 2016.

Homecoming Queen Corrin Sullivan and king Aviv Itzhaki
Sep 30, 2016

The one-time UNLV homecoming queen returns to help build UNLV School of Medicine’s curriculum.

Heather Lusty
May 2, 2016

The Honors-English professor offers her unique take on heavy metal, gardening, the cultural significance of Star Trek, and the purpose of higher education.