Topic: education - preK-12

illustration of an apple that says unlv. clouds surrounding it says english, math, and special education. a magifying glass is placed above the apple and it says research.
Business and Community | May 15, 2015
Clark County School District is ground zero for the issues rumbling in schools across the country. Here's how UNLV is linking research and outreach programs to help find solutions.
closeup of a person using a calculator with a keyboard and mouse to the side
Campus News | January 21, 2015
UNLV removing some of the stumbling blocks for getting students interested in the science and engineering fields. The key: Get 'em while they're young.
Research | May 16, 2013
Study finds Nevada’s kids have healthier habits this year, but accessing health care continues to be a problem.
People | October 5, 2012
The educational psychologist on keeping kids with behavioral disorders out of the special education classroom, her proudest moment, and the inspiration of Olympian Gabby Douglas.
People | September 13, 2012
Alumnus brings his expertise in exercise physiology back as a professor in the School of Allied Health Sciences. The avid runner talks about exercise, your immune system, and his own bad eating habits.
A male researcher examines the contents of a test tube.
Business and Community | June 15, 2012
Elementary teachers head to summer school to bone up on science.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Business and Community | June 12, 2012
Project VISIONS partners UNLV, CCSD to boost student success in science by improving teacher content knowledge and confidence
Business and Community | May 2, 2012
Parents cite affordability as major barrier to maintaining kids’ medical care.
U.N.L.V. signage with Fall leaves in the background
Business and Community | June 7, 2011
Innovative Professional Development Partnership Seeks to Boost Science Content Knowledge in Teachers and Improve Student Achievement
solar array
Research | July 22, 2009
UNLV is going big and thinking small as it moves to the forefront of solar energy research. The UNLV Center for Energy Research has installed the world’s most powerful solar energy generator while a UNLV chemist is working to expand solar cell technology.