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January 11, 2016
After years of floundering near the bottom in a widely watched report card for state education systems, Nevada has sunk to dead last.
December 8, 2015
Nevada’s ongoing teacher shortage and the Silver State’s status as a barometer for education issues across the country were among the concerns that took top billing in a first-ever UNLV education summit on Monday.
December 7, 2015
A little more than six months after Gov. Brian Sandoval signed a dizzying list of education reforms into law, policymakers and education leaders will meet Monday to consider what's next for the Silver State.
September 25, 2015
On this edition of Inside Education, an in-depth look at teacher shortage.
KUNR Radio
September 4, 2015
Nevada lawmakers recently passed SB302, a landmark education bill. Today, as part of our series “Nevada’s Gamble on School Choice” Reno Public Radio’s Anh Gray explores the unforeseen consequences the new law could have on the state.
August 12, 2015
Are you looking for a job that is secure and promising? Education majors are now trending and in demand in Nevada.
January 2, 2015
January 1, 2015
We established a red-light district in Las Vegas?