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Black Perspectives
Our article tracks the brief but rich history of racial segregation in gaming and how this was shaped by the emergence of Jim Crow practices in casino policies and overt discrimination in hiring.
Women's sport is often trivialized and described as less interesting. Women in many disciplines are ignored, compared to male athletes. Many people see a woman in a sportsman, not a competitor. But this year's Tokyo Olympics may be a turning point in the history of women's competitive sport. Athletes from various disciplines objected to the dress code requirements.
La Ventisettesima Ora
Handball athletes such as German gymnasts have asked for the freedom to use competition clothing in which to feel more comfortable. But something is really changing.
Sunday Times Daily
This year’s Olympic Games have brought a number of non-sporting issues to the fore. May it continue.
The sports world has always placed restrictions on athletes' clothing.
The Tokyo Olympics could go down in history as the Games in which female athletes slammed the door on competing in skimpy outfits.
N.B.C. News
"Far too often, attention is paid more on how female athletes look, versus their power, grit and performance," one expert says.
Ritz Herald
Millions of spectators tuned in Friday to watch the opening ceremony of the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics. But will the behind-the-scenes happenings keep viewers coming back for the next two weeks even more than the feats of athletic prowess?