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July 29, 2020
Ogonna Brown — a partner at the Las Vegas office of Lewis Roca Rothgerber Christie — was recently named the fifth member of the Nevada Gaming Commission, filling a previously vacant seat. Veteran commission member John T. Moran Jr. also was named commission chairman by Gov. Steve Sisolak (D), following several months as acting chairman.
July 26, 2020
The US Supreme Court recently upheld a Nevada policy that limits church crowds to 50 worshipers. That’s while casinos are typically allowed to operate at a much higher capacity of 50 percent, given the risk of transmission from the COVID-19 pandemic.
June 25, 2020
The United Auto Workers (UAW) warns a plan to encourage more cashless gaming at the state’s casinos could lead to job losses and reduced tips among its members, as well as create more risk generally for fraud and litigation. The plan will be discussed Thursday, June 25 by the Nevada Gaming Commission (NGC).
June 17, 2020
William Clark, the alleged robber at last week’s heist at New York-New York Hotel & Casino, was wearing a facial mask when he reportedly stole several thousand dollars at the cashier’s cage in the Las Vegas venue, recent news reports reveal.
June 11, 2020
Casino security professionals in Las Vegas likely are watching the recent arrests of three suspected members of the Boogaloo movement and activities of similar domestic extremists, security and gaming experts said this week.
May 28, 2020
Las Vegas gaming properties will begin to resume operations within a week after casinos promised in reopening plans to enact safeguards against possible spread of coronavirus. But what will happen if venues fail to carry out the state’s required or suggested precautions?
May 27, 2020
Many players are waiting in lines for up to an hour or more to get the chance to gamble at gaming properties after months of shuttering. Some queues number in the hundreds and are made worse by reduced capacity in properties, which are part of the effort to reduce the risk of coronavirus transmission.
May 20, 2020
Upscale restaurants at casinos are among the eateries that could benefit under President Donald Trump’s proposal to increase deductions for meals and entertainment on corporate taxes, according to several experts on gambling trends.