Magdalena Martinez In The News

Las Vegas Sun
Nevada continues to evolve demographically, socially and economically. The Nevada of 10 years from now will be dramatically different from the Nevada of today. To meet future challenges and opportunities, we must ensure our education and economic systems are prepared and aligned.
Las Vegas Sun
The Clark County School Board of the future could add two politically appointed members and a student representative, but the concept of a hybrid board isn’t warmly received by its current members.
Over the past year, colleagues at the Brookings Institution and the University of Nevada, Las Vegas, have launched a research project that examines shifting inequities in the post-pandemic recovery. Many researchers, including our colleagues, have framed the effects of COVID as a disease and a turbulent economic moment that punctuated a robust economy. Far fewer have appreciated the asymmetries in the lived experiences of the journey back to normalcy, which have largely been defined by racialized identities, chronic marginalization, and the influence of place in shaping these experiences.
The Atlantic
Last year, before Anthony Boccia joined the teaching staff at Valley High School, his students spent hours in a windowless room in the company of John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John. Overseen by a long-term substitute teacher, the group of eight children, who are mostly non-verbal and physically and intellectually disabled, watched Grease and a drawer-full of other well-worn VHS tapes, often from the first bell to the last.
Las Vegas Review Journal
Hillary Clinton’s sweeping plan to make college more affordable — sparing 88 percent of Nevada families from paying tuition at in-state, public institutions — has been received with a mix of praise and skepticism from higher education insiders.
Las Vegas Sun
The Legislature took a significant step in 2015 in passing Assembly Bill 394, to reform and dramatically improve the beleaguered Clark County School District, the nation’s fifth-largest.
Las Vegas Sun
Goodbye, deconsolidation. Hello, decentralization.