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Assistant Professor of Anthropology
An expert on the anthropology of migration, gender, social movements, and activism.
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Associate Professor of Psychology
An expert in auditory perception, cognition, cognitive neuroscience, and perceptual abnormalities in schizophrenia.
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Professor, Lee Business School
An expert on consumer behavior, marketing, health messaging, and sustainability communications.
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Professor of Law
An expert in conflict resolution and author of Psychology for Lawyers.
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Professor of Social Work
An expert in addictions and social work.
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Assistant Professor, School of Nursing
An expert in medical surgical, mental health, emergency room, intensive care, and palliative nursing
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Assistant Professor, Anthropology
An expert in paleontology and human evolution.
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President, UNLV
A seasoned university administrator and psychologies with expertise on higher education governance and the social, psychological, and cultural factors related to cognition and healthy aging.
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Assistant Professor of Psychology
An expert on everyday racism, multicultural competence, and addictions. 
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Associate Professor of Counselor Education
An expert on counselor education and mental health.