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Assistant Professor of Social Work
An expert in child welfare and foster care systems, family homelessness, and child mental health.
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Professor, Department of Psychology
A licensed clinical psychologist and noted expert on women's health and human sexuality. 
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Chair, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Health
An expert in psychiatry and behavioral health.
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Assistant Professor-in-Residence
An expert on mental health counseling and counselor education. 
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Executive Director, UNLV PRACTICE: A Community Mental Health Clinic
An expert in clinical psychology and mental health.
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Assistant Professor of Communication Studies
An expert in online relationships, grief, interpersonal communication, social support, and communication technology.
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Assistant Professor, Department of Philosophy
An expert in political philosophy, philosophy for children, and Latinx philosophies.
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Assistant Professor of Psychology
An expert in depression, mHealth, and mental health of older adults.
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Professor of Psychology
An expert in child development. 
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Assistant Professor of Nursing
An expert in mental health nursing. 
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Associate Professor of Psychology
An expert in adolescent development and gender development, particularly as it relates to career choice.
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Professor of Anthropology
An anthropologist and expert on hunter-gatherer adaptations in American Southwest to arid environments, and the transition from hunting and gathering to agriculture