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Director, UNLV Health Law Program
An expert in health law, constitutional law, and presidential power.  
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Assistant Professor of Economics
An expert in health economics.
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Executive Director, UNLV PRACTICE: A Community Mental Health Clinic
An expert in clinical psychology and mental health.
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Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
An expert in the field of criminal justice, particularly community responses to violence against women.
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Assistant Professor of Psychology
An expert in depression, mHealth, and mental health of older adults.
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Assistant Professor of Nursing
An expert in mental health nursing. 
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Professor of Life Sciences
An expert on mutagenesis, DNA repair, and bacterial genetics.
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Professor, Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences
An expert in physical performance for police, military, fire, and rescue personnel.
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Postdoctoral Researcher of Biological Anthropology
An expert in human evolution, diet, and gut microbiome.
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Chair of Pediatrics
An expert in pediatrics and pulmonary education.
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Professor of Social Work
An expert in addictions and social work.
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Associate Professor of Health Physics
An expert in radiation sciences and medical applications.