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Director of Planning and Assessment for UNLV Libraries
An expert in research services, and strategic planning for academic libraries
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Associate Professor, Political Science
An expert in international security, immigration and refugee policies, and political violence.
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Associate Professor
An expert in municipal government.
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Professor of Anthropology
An expert in love and intimacy.
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Assistant Professor of Political Science
An expert in the politics of Europe and other democracies.
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Assistant Professor of Economic Geology
An expert in global metal resources, the use of geochemistry to unravel geological processes, igneous petrology, mineral exploration, and global tectonics.    
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Lincy Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering
An expert in the theory and application of transportation systems, traffic dynamics, and distracted driving
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Professor of Law
Professor of law and director of UNLV Immigration Clinic. 
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Associate Professor, School of Nursing
An expert in chronic pain.
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Distinguished Professor and Chair, Department of Psychology
An expert on child psychology, anxiety, and school absenteeism
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Library Technician II
An expert in comic books and censorship.
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Associate Professor of Criminal Justice
An expert in trauma, child abuse, sexual assault, human trafficking, domestic violence, and juvenile delinquency.