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Professor, Kinesiology & Nutrition Sciences
An expert in physical performance for police, military, fire, and rescue personnel.
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Postdoctoral Researcher of Biological Anthropology
An expert in human evolution, diet, and gut microbiome.
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Gaming historian
An expert on gaming research, history of gambling, and the casino industry.
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Associate Professor
An expert in graphic and user interface design.
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Assistant Professor, Lee Business School
An expert in leadership and organization management.
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Director of Health Programs, The Lincy Institute
An expert in cultural competency, health disparities, and sexual and reproductive health. Shegog engages individuals and groups to build stronger and healthier communities. 
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Dean, Harrah College of Hospitality
An expert in health care tourism, consumer loyalty, consumer loyalty programs, strategic pricing, and revenue management.
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Assistant Professor of Hospitality Organization Behavior
An expert in organization behavior
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Senior Lecturer, Lee Business School
An expert in accounting and finance.  
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Professor of Anthropology
An expert in Neolithic archaeological sites.
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​Assistant Professor in Residence
An expert in digital art.
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Assistant Professor in Residence, Educational Psychology and Higher Education
An expert on fostering educational pathways for underrepresented students.